With the holidays happening NEXT WEEK (what?!), Red and I rounded up our absolute favorite items of 2015 for gift giving. This year, we attended three different creative conventions: DesignerCon, Unique LA, and the Renegade Craft Fair. All three events showcased original products from independent artists, and that definitely makes these presents extra special. ?


1. Momiji Momijis are adorably bright and happy little dolls inspired by adventures in Seoul and Tokyo. They are hand painted and can hang out on desks or shelves. When you flip a Momiji upside down, it holds a tiny folded card for a handwritten wish or message. What’s sweeter or more personal than that?!


 2. TokiDoki Unicornos TokiDoki Unicornos are teeny tiny, precious collectibles with different names and colors. Legend has it that they were once little ponies who passed through a magical waterfall and transformed into unicornos. They are said to live between their Magic Kingdom and the real world.

3. Svensk Candles Each candle is hand-poured with organic soy wax for a stronger, cleaner burn. The essential oils add a lovely scent and provide wonderful healing effects. Long story short: these candles will make anyone feel unbelievably relaxed and loved for being gifted such a treat!


4. Many Moons Advent Calendar by Jeremy Redina Every moon calendar is pulled by hand using water based inks and is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The spiral design shows off the daily phases of the moon along with zodiac symbols. These calendars especially come in handy for gardeners, surfers, fishermen, night photographers, and anyone who loves a full moon hike or bike ride — an extremely thoughtful gift!

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5. Janel Foo Glassworks Handmade with love, any of Janel’s stained glass objects will add the perfect bohemian and delicate touch to a warm home or office space. Her Mia Feathers are my favorite!


6. Klai These beautiful ceramics are made with certified non-toxic materials, carefully hand painted and fired, all the while using eco-friendly studio practices. They’re all so unique and would make such a one-of-a-kind gift to be cherished forever.


7. Hi Tree These adorably quirky cushions bring so much love and life to any space. They make the best snuggle toys for little ones OR the kid at heart can simply keep theirs on display like we do!


8. Night Owl Coffee I can’t go a day without coffee, and so many family members and friends of mine are the same way! Caffeine lovers everywhere can appreciate receiving coffee as a gift. This Night Owl brand from Portland is artisan roasted (they even have formal training as biologists!) and beyond delicious. Cheers!


9. Mallow Mallow Honor childhood memories and give the gift of flavor through this brilliant s’mores making kit! There’s so many yummy options to choose from, and so many people are suckers for traditional sweets. (And let’s be honest – everyone has fun making them!)


10. Yellow Treehouse These beautiful cards are prints of actual handmade collages or hand painted art. So much work and dedication went into producing these, so it’s an honor to give or receive something so creative. (Tip: framing cards and putting them on display as decorations is always an awesome idea.)


11. My Tea Drop Tea drops are an innovative little way to enjoy this timeless beverage from now on. If you have anyone in your life who loves a good cup of tea, then this would be one AWESOME gift. They come in shapes like flowers, hearts and stars, and all you have to do is drop it in a cup of hot water!


1. tonybuifanclub Red loves the illustrations on these greeting cards because they’re SO quirky and colorful. The artist, Tony Bui, takes recognizable images like Batman, the Cheshire Cat and the Golden Gate Bridge and even throws in silly one-liners to make them extra fun. Cool cards are forever, and that keeps them meaningful.


2. Long Beach Jerky Co. (Buffalo Wing) Jerky is so addicting to snack on, and this company from Long Beach kills it in the jerky making game. The buffalo wing flavor is Red’s fave, and I have to back him up on this one!


3. Pizza Socks Socks with pizza on them. Enough said. (Ours are from Gravity LA)

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