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The playful nature of Dabs Myla’s art is what first caught my attention. It’s that same colorful and carefree nature that landed them an opportunity last year to design the logo, set AND awards statuette for the MTV Movie Awards!

Mostly inspired by graffiti, mid-century illustrations and charming cartoons, Dabs and Myla dream up the sweetest little characters. They bring them to life (sometimes life-size), giving them the happiest faces, with bright eyes that can only make you smile. Whether a winking sun, whistling full moon or animal with humanlike attributes, the cute and quirky things these two brilliant artists can produce have no boundaries.

When I found out that Dabs and Myla were married, my respect and appreciation for them grew even more! I am also one half of a husband and wife team (both at home AND the office), so I understand how fulfilling it is to be creative for a living with the one you love.

Although Dabs and Myla moved to Los Angeles from Australia in 2009, they receive invitations from all over the world to paint their murals, which leads to a lot of travel time. They’re constantly sharing their imagination and talent with others, sometimes running only on caffeine and little to no sleep. (We can totally relate to that!)

These illustrators are clearly a force when they are together, using their vision and strong work ethic to constantly collaborate. By always pushing the other to evolve and grow creatively, they will continue to compliment each other beautifully. That’s a partnership I can totally get behind!

To see more of their work, visit their website, Instagram and Facebook page! <3



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