This past weekend Mario and I had a nice little day together in Little Tokyo. It was National Unicorn Day so we decided to go out and take some pictures. We started our day off with brunch at a little place called Jist

Everything that came out of the kitchen looked amazing. Once we had food in our tummies we went into Little Tokyo and made a stop and a couple places. We found this really cute gallery called Q POP and saw some hand painted collectibles. They didn’t allow pictures inside but if you are ever in town I would recommend stopping by! We went inside another store called Tokyo Jungle and we started getting flash backs from our Japan trip (We miss it so much). As we were walking from store to store I spotted a cute little bird just chilling inside a guys shirt. Mario asked to photograph him and he ended up putting Ezekiel (the bird) on my shoulder. He totally made my day when the little birds gave me a bird kiss!!

Our day continued as we went into all of the cute little shops. I managed to score on some super cute items!

We took a little break and grabbed some of our favorite Japanese dessert “Imagawayaki”. We also found this soft serve store that looked TOO good to pass up! We shared a cup of the original vanilla with a piece of honeycomb on top. I never knew honey and ice cream could be SO GOOD!

That about wrapped up our day. We unexpectedly ran into so many fans that day and it was awesome! Everyone had such nice things to say and it just made my day even better.


<3 Tiffy

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