Recently I have been really interested in astrology and space! Which is where the inspiration comes from for this DIY! It is seriously such an easy project and would make the perfect piece to give to a friend and light up their world.

Lets get started!


For this project you will be needing the following: Scissors or x-acto knife, battery operated lights, black glitter paper, wood box lid, and a drill (careful with the drill!)


The first thing I did was cut the black glitter paper to the size of my box so that it covers the whole thing completely.


Next add glue all along the backside of the box. Place your black glitter paper on top and set aside to dry completely. I would recommend placing some books on top so the paper dries flat.


Next I chose which constellation I wanted. I mapped it out and drew in the circles with a pencil. You can customize the constellation to which ever you like! (Just make sure you have enough lights!)


Now grab your drill and carefully drill out the holes. Make sure your holes are big enough so your lights can fit through!


Now stick your lights through the holes and place the battery pack on the inside edge.  We added a bit of hot glue to the back of each bulb to ensure they stay in place.



Hang up the piece and turn on the lights! Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! be sure to # your creation with the #CreateCQ

<3 – Tiffy


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