Hey Everyone! Valentines Day is right around the corner and I wanted to create a DIY sooner rather than later so you all can make it yourself! I have been wanting to make a Piñata for some time now and I thought it would be really perfect to make this cute Piñata conversation Heart.


The supplies you are going to need is a pencil, ruler, xacto knife, scissors, tissue paper, glitter paper, cutting board, cardboard, twine, glue, hot glue gun and  templates.H





Trace your templates on to the cardboard. You will need 2 of each template. Cut out very carefully using the xacto knife, you can also use your scissors if you like. When ever you are using the xacto knife make sure you cut on top of the cutting board.H6

Before you start to glue, bend the rectangle cardboard around the heart to get its shape. This will make the side of the heart.H7

Next  on one side of the heart your going to place the hot glue on the edge of the inside of the heart and then place the rectangle card board that you shaped on top. Do the same for the opposite side.H8

Once you have both sides glued, I put a little more glue on the inside edge to reinforce it.H9

Before we added the top portion of the heart to the Piñata cut a piece of twine, make a loop and tie the ends together. Place inside of the top of the heart and glue again to reinforce. If you want to put candy in the Piñata, this is the time to do so. To attach the other side of the heart put glue on the edge of the inside of the heart. Be careful not to burn yourself as you flip the heart and place on top of the bottom heart. Don’t worry if it does not fit perfect it will be covered by the tissue.H10

Once you have finished gluing the heart with its sides, this is what it should look like.H11

The next step is to cut the tissue. I folded the tissue a couple of times and the cut the strip about 2 inches in height. Leaving about 1/4 inch at the top I cut little strips with the xacto knife. You can also use scissor for cutting the tissue.


When you open your folded tissue that has been cut it should look like this.V2

Now its time to place the tissue on the heart. Cut the tissue strips a little long then the length of the heart so it hangs a little over the sides. Starting at the bottom of the heart tape down the strip.


Continue Overlapping the layers so about 1/4 inch of the previous strip shows.H13

When you finish taping all the rows your first side should look like this.H18

The top and sides of the heart should look similar to this.H19

Now to do the same steps on the other side of the heart. H20

Just as we did on the other side Leave about 1/4 inch showing of the bottom layer.H21


Once your done with both heart sides this is what the Piñata should look like.H23

Now to start the sides. Cut the tissue strips the length of the side.  If you are using our template we cut the 2.5 inches Start at the bottom of one side and continue as we did on the heart. Repeat on other side.H24

Here is the finished heart! As you can see the heart took shape once everything was taped down. Next step is to put on the Conversation.H25

I chose XOXO (hugs n kisses) as my conversation because it was short and easy. Choose the font you want, make it the size of your liking and printed it out.H15

Place the copy of the Conversation letters face down on the back of the glitter paper. With a #2 pencil shade over the letters and when you pick up the copy there will be a is a light copy transfer.H16

Carefully cut out your letters with an xacto knife.H17


Next place your letters where you want them on the heart. Grab the first letter and put some glue on the back and place back on the heart.Repeat for the rest of the letters.H26

Once glued down your letters should look like this.H31

And thats it! Your adorable conversation Piñata is done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and create a conversation pinata of your own. Be sure to post your recreations of this project with the hashtag  #createCQ so I can see all of your beautiful creations!H28

Much love and Happy Valentines Day!


<3 Tiffy


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