Currently, I’m sitting on a train to Tokyo. Mario and I came on a trip to Japan with our friends and we are at the halfway mark. It has been a blast so far but I enjoy these small moments to myself where I can just sit and think.

It’s our 3rd time to Japan and the Sakura trees are in full bloom. They are absolutely breathtaking. I’m sitting next to the window as I type this and to see them spread out through the land…like little bundles of cotton candy…brings joy to my soul.

I love moments like this…where my eyes tear up at the joy of just being alive and experiencing life.  It doesn’t happen too often nowadays. Life seems to escape me as I get wound up into a ball of stress…Recording videos, upload schedules, meetings, brand deals, staying on top of trends, video performance, managing others… sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything that is my own anymore.

I think that comes along with owning/running a business. And its something I wasn’t really anticipating or even came to mind when I started. I don’t want to get into too much detail about running a business but if some of you are interested… let me know and I can write up a separate post about what I have learned over the past 5 years.

My mind is already drifting…

I just glance back out to the Sakura trees and I am reminded of their beauty and they give me a new perspective.  

They only blossom for a couple weeks out of the year. The beginning of spring. The beginning of life’s cycle. Beautiful and delicate. Their petals blow in the wind sending them dancing and floating through the sky. They meet the ground where they paint a pink blanket of confetti. Where a single gust of wind can pick them right up again and give them life… 

Even for a moment…

Moments that I live for.

Feel free to share some of your moments that make you flourish. So we can all dance through life together and pick up each other in the wind.

<3 Tiffy

PS. How amazing are these photos my hubby took!? Be sure to follow him on IG for more images @redb15

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