My friends and I just recently threw our good friend a bohemian baby shower. We all came together and created a project for the shower and what we came up with turned our beautiful! For my projects I decided to create a doily dream catcher and a gold dipped feather mobile!
For this Project were going to need a Embroidery hoop a doily that fits inside the hoop, matching string, ribbon, scissors, glitter, feathers, mod podge, paint brush and flower of your choice and a hot glue gun.

DoilydreamCatcher H6

Place the doily inside the hoop and attach with the string going through the doily and around the hoop as shown. Next your going to cut the ribbon the desired length and attach to the embroidery hoop on the the bottom.

DoilydreamCatcher H5

Next your going to cut the flower off the stems and glue them on the hoop and doily in any location you like.

DoilydreamCatcher H3

Next your going to grab your feathers, paint brush, mod podge, glitter and something that your glitter can fall onto. I used a paper plate.

DoilydreamCatcher H1

I bought my feather in a package. The feathers were all stuck together, so I ran my fingers up and down the feather to separate the feathers, so it looked something like this.

Doilydreamcatcher v2

Next  with my paint brush I brushed some mod podge on the the feather front and back and only where I wanted the glitter to go.

DoilydreamCatcher H2

Over a paper plate I sprinkled some glitter on the front and the back of the feather. I set aside to dry.

DoilydreamCatcher H12

Once the feathers dried I tied the string to the other end of the feather and attached it to the embroidery hoop just as I did with the ribbon. I only used 2, but you can put as many as you like.

DoilydreamCatcher H4

And there you have a beautiful hanging Doily dream catcher!!

DoilydreamCatcher H10Doilydreamcatcher v1

Since i had extra feather with the glitter on them I decided to make another project. I went outside and grabbed a branch off the floor. With some twine, scissor and string I decide to make another wall hanging.

DoilydreamCatcher H7

I got the twine and tied it to each end of the branch leaving enough slack so I can hang it.

DoilydreamCatcher H8

Lastly, tie the feathers to the strings and attach them to the branch.

DoilydreamCatcher H13

That’s it! These were super easy and inexpensive to make and they really made the shower sparkle! I hope you all enjoy this and try it out yourself! 

M uch love,


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