Hey Everyone! We’re going to be making some awesome flower headbands which are perfect for the spring time! Let’s get started

Supplies Needed:
♥ Daisy Ribbons
♥ Headband ribbon or string
♥ Pliers
♥ Endclamps, jumprings, endclasp and charms

materialsStep 1: Cut individuals daisy flowers from ribbons if need be. Then attach end clamps to the ends of your ribbon using pliers

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 7.46.44 PMStep 2: Attach a jump ring to each side. Attach a charm to one side and an end clamp to the other side

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 7.48.12 PMStep 3: Hot glue gun a circle on your ribbon and place a daisy on it. Keep doing this along the ribbon with as little or as many as you want

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 7.50.06 PMAnd we’re done! There are several ways to wear it and here are some! 🙂

Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 7.53.00 PM Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 7.53.39 PM Screen shot 2014-01-27 at 7.54.09 PMThanks for watching! Here’s the full video tutorial as well if you prefer that! :)

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