Spring is in the air! I wanted to celebrate the arrival of Spring with a super cute floral pom pom headband! I have seen a few of these go up for sale and wanted to take a stab at making one myself!

Supplies you will need are Headband, Silk Flowers, Hot Glue Gun & Glue, Scissors, Coordinating Felt, Stuffing,Water Soluble Pen, Needle and Thread. Depending on the size of pom poms you want, you will also need something  to make a round circle we used a plastic cup.


Using the plastic cup, trace around on the felt and cut out.


Take your needle & thread and knot one end. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the felt. When you get back to the starting point of the thread start pulling the thread so it creates a pouch as shown below.



Leave the needle and thread attached to the felt and stuff the pouch to your liking.  Next pull the thread till the center of the felt closes. It does not have to close all the way, but pull  thread till its snug and knot if off.


Once you knot it off it should look like this. Some of the stuffing will be showing , but this will be taken care of in a later step.


Grab your silk flower and cut the stem short being careful not to let the flower come apart. Put hot glue on the back of the flower and glue it to the side bottom of the Felt poof. Continue to glue the flowers all the way around the side bottom. Next you will continue to glue the flowers in the same manner right above the flowers you just glued. Your last flower will be glued on the top. Make sure for the top flower you leave the stem a little longer.Flowerpompomheadband1Once your pompom is finished you need to cut a circle from the felt to fit over the stuffing and a portion of felt area of the pompom and put aside.

Mark on the headband where you want your pompoms to be placed. Put some hot glue on the headband where you marked it as shown.


Place the headband with the hot glue on the back of the Pompom as shown.


Grab the felt circle you cut out and place some hot glue on the circle being careful not to burn yourself. Place the circle with the hot glue over the headband and to the back of the pom pom as shown. Repeat for the other side.



And there you have it! this cute flower pompom headband. Its so adorable!!







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