For this Fringe Choker you will need Jewelry Pliers, Scissors, glue, End Clamps, leather String, jump rings, lobster claw, chain and  Rings.

Fringe Choker 25

Next your going to cut two long pieces of the leather string. Fold the two pieces in half and place through the ring as shown. Make sure the strings are long enough for one side of the choker, because you will be braiding the leather  which will shorten the string.

Fringe Choker 23

Next you will be braiding the leather strings in a four strand braid.

Fringe Choker 24

Once you finish braiding place a rubber band or clip so the braid does not unravel.

Fringe Choker 22

Repeat for the other side. Once you are finished braiding both sides your Choker should look like this.

Fringe Choker 20

Measure your choker again on  your neck and leave a 2 inch gap in the back. Get your end clamp and a jump ring and connect the end clamp and the Lobster claw as shown.  Your going to cut the braid your desired length, but when you cut make sure the braid does not unravel. Place the end of the leather braid in the end clamp and close it using your pliers.

Fringe Choker 21

Do the same for the other side connecting the chain on the end clamp. Put the end clamp on the braid and close with the pliers. You choker should look like this.

Fringe Choker 18

Next were going to grab six pieces of long leather string.

Fringe Choker 19

Fold all six pieces in half and put them through the other ring ash shown. Pull each string Individually to tighten knot.

Fringe Choker 17

The other Ring should look like this with the long leather string hanging.

Fringe Choker 16

The last thing to do is connect the two rings together. Wrap the leather around the two rings twice and glue. Once glue has dried cut the ends.

Fringe Choker 15

And your finished!! You a great looking long leather choker.

Fringe Choker 4

Fringe Choker 1



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