As promised here is another choker tutorial! This one is a little edgier than the last.

The supplies you are going to need for this heart choker is 2 widths of leather strips one 1/4  inch wide and one 1/8 inch wide, 2 end clasps, lobsters claw, heart key ring, jump rings, glue and jewelry pliers.

Heart choker 19Heart choker 14

Measure the leather that is 1/4 inch wide around your neck leaving a 2 inch gap in the  back. You will need to cut 2 pieces. Next you will cut those two pieces in half, so you are left with four pieces as shown.

Heart choker 20

Next your going to grab one of the pieces of leather and wrap it around the heart as shown. Place  glue in between the two pieces to glue together.

Heart choker 18

Next your going to grab a piece of the 1/8 inch wide leather and wrap it around the piece you just glued down 2 times.

Heart choker 17

Once you have the front to your liking  glue it down in the back. Make sure the glue is dry and Repeat this process for the next 3 strips of leather.

Heart choker 16

Once the glue has dried on all four pieces your choker should look like this on the inside. Measure the choker around your neck again making sure there is a 2 inch gap in the back and cut if needed.

Heart choker 15

Now were going to add the end clasps. Take one strip of the leather and place it in the end clamp. Clamp it down on the edge of the clamp only just enough to hold the leather in place.

Heart choker 13

Place the other end of the leather to the opposite side of the end clamp as shown and clamp down just enough to hold in place.

Heart choker 12

Once both pieces are to your liking clamp them both down together tight. Repeat for the other side.

Heart choker 11

And there you have it!! A beautiful heart choker with double straps of leather.

Heart Choker 3

I hope you found this helpful and try it out yourself! This one turned out super cute!

Peace! Love,


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