TitleHey everyone! Last New Years Eve’s my friends and I decided to go to a music festival called White Wonderland and we all wanted to go as snow fairies and ice queens! So for this DIY, I’ll be showing you how to make an ice crown 🙂 Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed:
♥ Headband
♥ Hot glue gun with glue sticks
♥ Rubbing alcohol

♥ Various assortment of white and silver glitter
♥ Icicle branches from Michaels
♥ Cotton balls

materialsStep 1: Remove ribbon from headband. Then apply rubbing alcohol on cotton balls to rub the stickiness off the headband

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.21.14 PMStep 2: If you can’t find the icicle branches at Michaels, you can make your own. Start by making a branch structure with your hot glue gun and pour your different assortment of glitter on top, while it’s still hot. Let it dry and then peel off

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.23.05 PMStep 3: Once your icicles are all dry, you are ready to hot glue dun your branches onto your headband. Be careful, since the hot glue will heat up your headband

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.25.50 PMStep 4: Layer things on top of each other and apply more glue. Apply more glitter on top of the hot glue and if available, apply some of the ice branches you got at Michaels

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.27.06 PMStep 5: If you want to achieve more of a crown look, make sure all the branches you layer on top point inward

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.29.11 PMAnd we’re done!

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.29.25 PMThanks for watching! Here’s the full video tutorial as well if you prefer that! :)

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