main-RecoveredHey everyone! Today we’ll be creating some adorable ice cream ornaments! These are easy to make and come out amazing! Let’s get started!

You’ll need:

Cardstock paper

A pencil


Styrofoam balls

An exacto knife

Various paints

A brush


A ruler


suppliesStep 1: Grab your cardstock, ruler and pencil and begin drawing out your waffle cone pattern. I eyeballed it but you can create equidistant marks to make sure they are equally spaced apart

4Step 2: Cut the corner of your cardstock paper that includes the waffle cone design on the other side

5Step 3: Wrap this piece into a waffle cone and glue together

6Step 4: Using your glue gun, place glue all along the top edge of the waffle cone. Then place a styrofoam ball to glue into place

7Step 5: Mix white and red paint together to get a pink color. Paint the first ice cream scoop this color

8Step 6: Cut off the bottom of another Styrofoam ball and glue on top of your first scoop. Be very generous with the glue to make it look like it’s melting

9Step 7: Choose another color to paint your new ice cream scoop. Paint it and while the paint is wet, pour sprinkles over the scoop

10Step 8: Do the same thing to your double scoop ornament

11Step 9: Add some white paint onto your doublescoop ornament and pour some white glitter over it

12Step 10: Grab some wire and make a loop at the end. This will serve to hang your ornament off a tree or any other object your heart desires…

13Step 11: Place the wire in the ornament

14And we’re done! Here’s the final result 🙂


16And here’s the vid if you prefer that!

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