This New Years Eve my friends and I brought in the new year together at Lake Tahoe. I took my instax camera and snapped a bunch of fun photos from our weekend. I wanted to create a really cute display for them all so I decided to make this easy tutorial so you can all make one too!Cover

Start off with a large assortment of pictures. For this project I used 30 instax pictures.


For this project you will need: wood panel (i bought mine at Michaels)  glue, mini clothes pins, screw in mini hooks, gold string, glitter paper, a pencil and scissors.


First, lay out your images on your wooden panel till you are happy with the placement.


Next, screwed in the hooks on the top corners of the wooden panel. Next I measured the string all the way across, leaving a little slack for the pictures to hang.


Next I tied the sting in a knot on one end and slipped 10 mini clothes pins onto the string. Tie it off on the other side.



Clip the pictures onto the clothes pins. Cut out various flag shapes out of the glitter paper.


With tacky glue, glue on the flags onto the piece of string alternating colors.



Next we cut out the numbers 2016 on glitter paper. Glue that down with some tacky glue.



We added various pom poms to the flags to make them look like party hats. We also hung tassels on each end. (tutorial here) Add whatever you like to give it your personal touch.



Now you have a super personal and sweet display for your instax images! I hope you all found this helpful and make one yourself!


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