Mama-Quake-Tiffy FINAL

This is a VERY big week. Not just because we strung pretty twinkle lights across the ceiling of our office (I honestly can’t get enough of how magical they look), but because…drum roll…my MOM is joining our team! She’s officially retiring from her full-time job to work with us part-time, which also means she can finally reignite her passion for crafting all day every day.

As a little girl, I used to watch my mom in action nonstop; she’s the reason why I get so much joy out of DIY projects today and why crafting was always written in the stars for me. I’ve been an artist since day one, and I have her to thank for that!

To have this opportunity present itself and for things to come full circle is an absolute dream come true. I almost have to pinch myself when I think about the fact that on a regular basis, my mom and I are once again able to learn from each other, brainstorm, and create!

Keep your eyes peeled, because there will be many more special projects featured in the coming months…now that I’ll have my sweet new co-worker by my side! <3

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