Recently I have been stepping up my jewelry game! I have gained quite the collection of unique and fun pieces to add to my wardrobe. I especially love wearing fun earrings since I cut my hair! Below find all the brands and links to their store! Feel free to share any of your favorite brands you like to buy jewelry from! Sharing is caring!

In order from what was shown on the video!

star choker – Designbydd –
Cresent choker – Rogue and the Wolf –
Fantasia necklace – Katie Dean Jewelry –
Purple heart necklace – ?
stud earrings – Kate spade
pixel heart earrings – foxy funk
Rose gold plated Cuff – IzaBelaJewels –
emoji heart earrings – witchworldwide –
Female sign earrings – witchworldwide
Tassel earrings – love effects
Saturn earrings – nobasicbombshell –
Female sign earrings – nobasicbombshell
pom pom earrings – DIY
sun and moon earrings – Nastygal

If you love the tassel in the background you can get yourself one here

I still have so much more that I didn’t get to add! Who is up for round 2?!

<3 Tiffy

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