Hey Everyone! So in the previous post I talked about my outfit I wore camping in Joshua Tree, today, I wanted to share with you all some photos we took while we were there! My brother Antoes, his girlfriend Mitty, Mario and I have really been getting into photography lately and this trip was perfect for some photo ops! We choose this specific weekend because we wanted to get some amazing shots of the stars and Milky Way! The forecast was perfect! No moon, clear skies, and THREE planets visible! AMAZING. The whole night was like a big collaboration. We all worked together to capture some pretty cool light effects and the results were amazing! We had so much fun shooting together and celebrating my big brothers birthday. Though it was pretty chilly, we stood up till almost 5am drinking coconut rum, Jack, listening to good tunes, and nerding out over photos. This trip is embedded in my brain and is one of my most favorite camping trips to this day! Enjoy!

Photo Credits are below each photo Be sure to check out Anotes & Mario’s IG accounts for more amazing pics!


Mario’s Camera


Photo Credit Antoes


Mario’s camera


Mario’s Camera

Marios Camera


photo Credit Antoes


Mario’s Camera


Photo Credit Antoes


Photo Credit Mario (featuring our camp site and Jupiter)

He woke up at 5am to get this shot on a super cold and windy night!

Have a great day!

<3 Tiffy

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