Recently I can’t get enough of chokers! I only have a couple in my wardrobe so I decided to make some new ones! There will be a few posts that follow showing you multiple choker DIY. I hope you enjoy all of them and find them helpful! For the first choker you will need:

Leather lace Trim, Chain, 2 end Clamps, Lobster Claw, Jump rings, Jewelry pliers decorative chain for back and a charm of your choice. Feel free to get creative with the materials used.

Moon choker 10

Open one of the jump rings and place it on the end clip along with the lobster claw and close jump ring. Place the end clip to the leather lace trim and clamp it down with your pliers making sure it is on snug.

Moon choker 9

Next you will open another jump ring and place it on the other  end clip along with the decorative chain and close the jump ring. Place the end clip to the other side and repeat  a above.


Moon choker 8

Next your going to measure how long you want the chain to hang. Once you have the chain cut to the length you like you will need to place a jump ring on each end of the chain and connect it to the end clasp.

Moon choker 7

Then take another jump ring and put it through the charm and place it on of the chain. The charm should be able to move back and forth on the chain so you can straighted it out if needed.

Moon choker 6

And your all done!!

Moon Choker 1

Rock it with confidence and love it! Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. more to come soon!

Peace! Love,



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