This exciting summer is flying by, but one thing has remained constant through all of my adventures… I can’t seem to walk out the door without adorning myself in the sumtuous fragrance LUST! My summer scent comes from LUSH, a company that prides themselves on using fresh ingredients and offering a variety of handmade products.

I normally don’t like floral scents but this one is very subtle and perfectly balanced. Scents such as rose, vanilla and sandalwood create a warm feeling with rich florals and woody undertones. The delicate scent of jasmine is also prominent, creating a perfect harmony of fragrance.

Although the combination of scents is heavenly, my favorite thing about this summer scent is LUSH’s dedication to ethics. All of their products are cruelty free, meaning they don’t test on animals. As a pet owner who adores her Navi and Link, this is key when thinking about buying a product.

My general rule of thumb when it comes to perfume is to apply it to pressure points. I personally like to apply mine behind my ears, on the back of my neck, across the wrists and sometimes even behind my knees if I’m wearing shorts or a skirt.

It never ceases to amaze me how long this frangrance lasts, it’s not often that I only have to apply a scent once! Being almost entirely comprised of essential oils, the perfume reacts differently to everybody’s skin. I find it fascinating how this fragrance smells slightly different on each individual wearing it. With LUST, I get compliments about the scent all day and night.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my summer scent! Let me know what YOUR favorite summer scent is in a comment below!


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