I’m a strong believer in surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good. For me, relaxing essential oils and beautiful, energizing crystals are a few things that do the trick. While my home is my haven, my work space is definitely not to be neglected.

By keeping pieces of my personality on hand where creativity is put to the test most often, I can glance down during any moments of frustration or exhaustion and suddenly have a small boost of happiness to get me back on track. It really helps.

I wanted to share with you all some of my most prized possessions and hopefully inspire a little more creativity in your work space.







Furry Bones – He’s my lucky cat! He was even created with the intention of making his owner smile. A perfect work space piece!


Essential Oils – Oils give off such positive energy and can calm me down in an instant. I’ve been hooked on them for a while now and really like to keep them close.

Kitty Plushies – These plushies are the best, because they remind me of my mom. She made me one for Christmas, and one of them we actually made together. They fit so perfectly right beneath my computer monitors and also help hide the monitor stand!


Crystal Candle Holder – This amethyst tealight holder combines two of my favorite things into one: crystals and candles. Amethyst projects a sense of balance, patience and peace…just like candles. When the flame flickers against the crystal, it really puts me in a great mood (and makes editing a video extra fun).

Moons – I’ve been stocking up on anything and everything that showcases moons of different phases, so I’ve got my large moon hair clip on display along with a notebook that has a bright gold crescent moon on the front cover.

The 52 Lists Project – I recently found out about this book and think it’s such an awesome idea! You make 52 personalized lists throughout the course of the year (one for every week). This book also encourages you to find beauty and power within yourself to live your best life. The calligraphy and illustrations are also gorgeous!

I also like to switch out miscellaneous, photos, plushies, artwork and collectibles that I find interesting. I hope you this post kick starts you to spruce up your own desk! How do you guys like to keep you work space motivating?

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