mainHey everyone! Today, we’ll be making some awesome hand crafted Peppermint Coasters! They’re super easy to make so let’s get started!

You’ll need:

Red & White felt


Needle and thread


A circular stencil or object


1Step 1: Grab a circular object that is wider than your usual cup and trace it over the felt with a pen. Do this for both white and red felts

2Step 2: Cut out your white felt circle as perfectly as you can. This will serve as your base

3Step 3: Draw triangles/divide your circle into equal pizza slices. You can eyeball it or use a ruler. Then cut out your red circle

5Step 4: Cut out your triangles and place them over your white felt circle

6Step 5: Hand sew your red triangles on. Alternatively, you can use fabric fusion and glue them on

7And that’s it! You now have some nice, hand crafted Peppermint Coasters for the Holidays!


8And here’s the vid if you prefer that! 🙂

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