Early this Spring my husband and I planted a few new plants in our backyard. One day we noticed 4 yellow caterpillars eating our milkweed plant! Every day we would check up on them and loved seeing them grow nice and plump. Till they ate our whole plant… One ended up wandering off.  We didn’t want the others to leave so we ended up planting 4 more smaller milkweeds and transplanted them their. A couple days later they stopped eating and formed into a chrysalis. About 2 weeks later the chrysalis turned black and were ready to emerge! That is where this vlog leaves off.

My husband was able to grab some beautiful pictures and I wanted to share them with you all!

I would encourage everyone to plant milkweed of their own! This was such a fun experience and I will be keeping an eye out for more caterpillars!

<3 Tiffy

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