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I’ve been blasting Purity Ring for a few months now. After witnessing their dazzling performance at The Shrine L.A. last month, I made the executive decision to dedicate a blog post to this duo’s angelic energy.

I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve mentioned my fascination with the moon at this point! Lucky for me, Purity Ring loves the moon too and even sings about it:

“You be the moon/I’ll be the earth/and when we burst/start over, oh darling.” 

Dream pop is a genre of music they fall into, which is perfect for the synthy sound and deep lyrics they produce. With Megan James’ vocals and Corin Roddick taking care of the instruments, the style these two have created totally sets them apart from other artists I listen to. They make you feel sort of weightless as you get lost in their songs, which is a quality I look for when I really want to relax or zone out in my work.

Their beautiful light shows, costumes and stage presence all resemble something straight out of a super celestial galaxy far far away, which easily makes them one of my top recommendations for a live performance and a band very worthy of a spot on your current playlist.

Here’s the music video for my favorite Purity Ring song! The name of the song is “heartsigh”, and the vibe of it all is just so, so magical. In the video, the atmosphere is incredibly vibrant; there’s bright, beautiful colors against a dark background which gives it the most mystical touch. It seriously gives me chills EVERY time (and a lump forms in my throat, because the melody and lyrics are so emotional)!! That’s how I know a song is off the charts. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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