the-book-of-life-la-muerte-mask-paint-diy-howtoHey everyone! I am completely enamored with the Book of Life movie! So I decided to make a La Muerte Mask based on the character in the movie 🙂 Let’s get started!


White mask

Various acrylic paints



Elastic Band

Hot Glue

Spray Adhesive

White glitter

Step 1: Grab your white mask and roughly map out where you’re going to start painting. I’m mapping out the eyes and nose first

1Step 2: Spray Adhesive on your mask and sprinkle white glitter all over the mask

2Step 3: Outline the eyes with black acrylic and begin filling the lower eyes as well. Use blue acrylic for her eye shadow and white acrylic above her eye. Blend both

3Step 4: Begin painting her nose black and use some red acrylic above and below her eyes. Start painting her lips as well

4Step 5: Add a black outline around her lips. Next you’ll want to paint yellow and orange half circles along her eyes

5Step 6: Outline the circles with red paint and add red dots in the circles. Also add dots under her eyes and up the bridge of her nose

6Step 7: Add more yellow decorations – use a reference image of La Muerte from the movie if need be. Next, add black “stitches” vertically across her lips

7Step 8: Add tacky glue along the top edge of her mask and glue your red lace along the edge

8Step 9: Glue 2 yellow and red flowers along the top of the mask

9Step 10: Hot glue little skulls down the lace front. Also cut a slit down the back lace so you head can fit if need be.

10Step 11: Measure a piece of elastic band around the back of your head and hot glue it to the mask

11And we’re done! Here’s how it looks! 🙂



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