Today’s DIY is another inexpensive, yet thoughtful gift! Though it might take some practice, this threat art piece is so unique and simple! All you need is a piece of wood, a hammer, nails and thread! Lets get started!



The pieces of wood I am using art from Michaels. Make sure to use a piece of wood that is thick enough to hold your nails!


Here are a selection of nails and thread you can use.  I personally like the shinny silvers and gold thread.

The first thing I did was draw out the design I wanted on a piece of wood.  I chose to do 3 arrows because they are so simple and easy to draw. Once you finish drawing out your design, figure out where you need to hammer in the nails. For each arrow I used 13 nails. Now its time to nail! Be sure to be extra careful when hammering in the nails. Try to keep all the nails at the same height and keep them as straight as possible. Make sure they fit nice and snug.

Now grab a piece of thread and fold it in half. I twisted the piece of thread together so you could see the color better.  Begin threading your nails.

Its hard to show the steps I used for threading so I would recommend using this video for reference!


Hope you all enjoy this tutorial!



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