Valentines day is coming up quick and if you haven’t made reservations at popular restaurants you may be to late! Don’t worry! I got you covered. Today I wanted to show you all how to create a very thoughtful, unique and inexpensive Valentine dinner date! You can make your very own dreamy date night, which in my opinion, is way more thoughtful than going out to a fancy restaurant where you end up paying big $$$. (plus you will get extra brownie points if you create this and surprise your date!) Lets get started!

To recreate this magical setting you will need a small hula hoop or circular object.

Any kind of sheets, fabric or curtainsvalentines-at-home-diy-22

You will also need some safety pins, some kind of string to hold up the hulu hoop, I’m using yarn and some twinkle lights. I bought mine off of Amazon!valentines-at-home-diy-19



Candles and Lots of pillows!

Take the sheet and wrap the top portion around the hula hoop and pin both sides together. Continue around the hoop pinning in several spots till you reach the other end of the sheet.valentines-at-home-diy-16

It should look something like this.Valentines-at-home-diy-2

Measure 2 pieces of yarn about 1 yard each and fold both pieces in half.valentines-at-home-diy-15

Tie both strings together to form a knot with a loop on the end.valentines-at-home-diy-14

Hold the top of the yarn at the loop and place the yarn evenly on each side of the hoop. Tie a knot on the hoop in between the pins and make sure the hoop is level.valentines-at-home-diy-13

Hang from the ceiling or some where high. Here you can see I used a nail to hang itvalentines-at-home-diy-12

So your sheet will just hang as shown.Valentine-at-home-diy-32

Spread out the bottom portion of the sheet and place a pillow on it. I am using the back of the couch, but you can use chairs or boxes. You can also just spread out the sheet and place the pillow on the floor.valentines-at-home-diy-11

Next I took a sheer pink curtain and safety pinned it around the front of the hoop.valentines-at-home-diy-9

I did the same for the other side.valentines-at-home-diy-8

I had and extra piece of curtain an so I place it over the top to hide the hula hoop.


Next I strung the twinkle lights going in and out of the hoop from one side to the other.valentines-at-home-diy-27

I had a Little disco ball hanging around so I decided to hang it in the middle of the hoop.valentines-at-home-diy-3

Two different angles of the disco ball. One straight on and one looking up from the inside. So Pretty!valentines-at-home-diy-1

Next we added some candles, wine glasses, strawberries and wine.valentines-at-home-diy-6



Added some crystals and dimmed the lights. You can add any that you like that you have around your house.


Here is a video tutorial for you visual video learners!


Last but not least, turn on some tunes to set the mood! I created this playlist on Spotify for you all! – Now time to enjoy over a glass of wine, a movie and possibly some chocolate dipped strawberries!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

<3 Tiffy

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