Todays DIY was a new one for me! I have always wanted to try soldering and ordered one from amazon in hopes of forcing me to try it. I never got around to it but found out that you could use a soldering iron for wood burning!  I thought this was such a cool idea that I decided to dive into it!


My supplies for this project consist of a sliver of wood that I purchased from Michaels and a Soldering iron. The one I purchased is a Weller but I couldn’t find it since I bought it a while ago. (this on is similar)


The soldering iron I purchased had multiple tips but I only ended up using one tip throughout the whole project.


Next I figured out what my design was going to be. I found a vector of a tree and traced it with a pencil, than flipped it over and transferred the image onto the wood.


Next I began to burn the wood. At first I was quite scared since I felt like I could burn our office down at any minute. As I continued I got more and more comfortable with handling the iron and found out a little technique while using it.  I noticed that of one side of the iron was touching the wood for too long it wouldn’t burn it as hot anymore, cause my lines to be bumpy and shaky.  I began to spin the iron and I made my lines and found this made for a ore consistent burn and smoother lines.


Overall I am super happy with how it turned out! This makes for another unique gift to give to my husband! I hope you all enjoyed this and have just as much fun with this as I did!

<3 Tiffy


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