Alas! I continue the zodiac watercolor series with CANCER! This is a series that I began on the TiffyQuake channel last year, but as I mentioned in the beginning of 2018, I’ll be merging that content over to the iHasCupquake channel! So here we go…

The seventh print in the series was a lot of fun to paint. Since this sign is ruled by the moon, I decided to include a complete moon cycle around the outside, doubling as a symbol for this sign’s tough exterior that guards their secret walls. Much like the crab that represents them, people born under the cancer sign tend to retreat to the safety of a comfortable place whenever they sense harm or danger.

I crowned the piece with three stems of larkspurs to capitalize on the sign’s flower and feminine energy.

I’m really happy to get back to painting these pieces and here’s hoping *fingers crossed* I can keep up the momentum and finish out all twelve signs of the zodiac.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think. You can shop this piece and other in the “Prints” section of this site.

<3 Tiffy

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