Pure Magic – Friday the 13th


I just recently bought a pair of shoes and I just HAD to share them with you all! These are currently my new obsession. Some of you may know I absolutely love moons and stars so when I initially saw these “Craft – Moon and Star” boots by Y.R.U. I just about died. They were […]

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Doily Dream Catcher

Doilydreamcatcher v1

My friends and I just recently threw our good friend a bohemian baby shower. We all came together and created a project for the shower and what we came up with turned our beautiful! For my projects I decided to create a doily dream catcher and a gold dipped feather mobile! For this Project were […]

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Fringe Choker

Fringe Choker 4

For this Fringe Choker you will need Jewelry Pliers, Scissors, glue, End Clamps, leather String, jump rings, lobster claw, chain and  Rings. Next your going to cut two long pieces of the leather string. Fold the two pieces in half and place through the ring as shown. Make sure the strings are long enough for […]

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Flower Pompom Headband


Spring is in the air! I wanted to celebrate the arrival of Spring with a super cute floral pom pom headband! I have seen a few of these go up for sale and wanted to take a stab at making one myself! Supplies you will need are Headband, Silk Flowers, Hot Glue Gun & Glue, […]

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Heart Choker

Heart Choker 3

As promised here is another choker tutorial! This one is a little edgier than the last. The supplies you are going to need for this heart choker is 2 widths of leather strips one 1/4  inch wide and one 1/8 inch wide, 2 end clasps, lobsters claw, heart key ring, jump rings, glue and jewelry pliers. […]

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Moon Lace Choker

Moon Choker 5

Recently I can’t get enough of chokers! I only have a couple in my wardrobe so I decided to make some new ones! There will be a few posts that follow showing you multiple choker DIY. I hope you enjoy all of them and find them helpful! For the first choker you will need: Leather […]

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